Printed packaging to protect and brand water, juice, soft drinks, energy drinks, beer, wine, alcohol and spirits.
  • Beverage Printed Labels

    Roll fed and stretch sleeve labels for water and soft drink PET plastic and glass bottles.

  • Corrugated Bag In Box

    Designed to extend the shelf life of your liquid or semi-liquid food products, bag in Box (BIB) is an eco-friendly solution that saves on production costs, reduces spoilage and breakage risks while increasing attractiveness on the shelves due to its high-quality print and graphics.

  • Corrugated Bottle Carriers

    Designed to accommodate from one to four bottles, in addition to a wide variety of promotional items.

  • Corrugated Containers

    A multitude of options of practical and recyclable regular and half slotted containers used to transport a wide range of consumer products.

  • Corrugated Counter Stand Displays

    Customized in various structures, our counter stands are designed for convenient display in supermarket and retailer countertops.

  • Corrugated Floor Stand Displays

    Eye-catching and free-standing displays, with shelves, frames or hangers are designed to promote and differentiate your product in retail stores and supermarkets.

  • Corrugated Hanging Display Boxes

    Ideal for small place advertising, our hanging display boxes are paired with our power wing display clips.

  • Corrugated Industrial Trays

    Customized industrial trays are optimized for pallet stacking, and they meet various supply chain demands whether commercial or logistical.

  • Corrugated Multi Functional Carriers

    Designed to satisfy your specific needs and to provide functional and customized carry solutions to a variety of product types and dimensions.

  • Corrugated Pack Carrier

    Designed to increase customer satisfaction by facilitating the carrying of multiple cups or bottles, pack carriers are the classical solution for the beverage and take away sectors.

  • Corrugated Promotional Boxes

    Ideal to help your product stand out on the shelves, promotional boxes are made from micro-flutes to provide extra stiffness advantage over solid boards.

  • Corrugated Shelf Ready Packaging

    Delivered in a ready-to-sell merchandising unit, these display boxes reduce shelf replenishment time and optimize stock and shelf space management.

  • Corrugated Wrap Around Cartons

    A reputed package style for bottling companies, our corrugated wraps guarantee firm product grouping, with a considerable cost advantage over regular slotted containers.

  • Corrugated Wrap Carry Cartons

    Enclose a full product protection and an easy carrying while maximizing promotional surface for larger product units.

  • Lidding

    Roll-fed and pre-cut lidding for beverage cups, such as juice and water. 

  • Paper Cups

    Disposable drinking cups for hot and cold drinks.

  • Polylaminate Capsules

    Industrial product for companies producing polylaminates and capsules for beverage industries.

  • Pre Made Pouches & Bags

    Laminated printed FFS (Form-Fill-Seal) bags with excellent seal and tear resistance for filling milk powder, flavored drink powder, coffee powder and other instant beverages.

  • Shrink Hood Rolls
    Clear or printed PE shrink hood film, in rolls and bags, for wrapping pallets with high heat and strong puncture resistance, excellent shrinking ratio, see-through clarity and visible performance.


  • Shrink Wrap

    Clear or printed shrink wrap film for wrapping, protecting and promoting beverage bottles and drink cans such as juice, water, soft drinks, energy drinks, beer and more. 

  • Stretch Film

    Clear or color machine stretch film for conventional automatic and semi-automatic pallet wrapping. Fast wrapping and film stretchability up to 350% on automatic pallet wrapping machines with low noises.

  • Stretch Hood

    Plain co-extruded PE stretch hood films in rolls for cost effective, energy-saving and quality wrapping of palletized goods during shipping and storage. Protects from UV, dust, tight & weather.