Ice Cream Packaging > ice cream

Full range of corrugated, paper and plastic packaging for ice cream and fozen ice.
  • Corrugated Containers

    A multitude of options of practical and recyclable regular and half slotted containers used to transport a wide range of consumer products.

  • Ice Cream Cone Sleeves

    Printed ice cream cone jackets for shipping and handling waffle cones, sugar cones, frozen ice cream drumsticks, cornettos and pointed cone products. With or without paper lids. Cone sleeves are aluminum covered paper and printed for brand promotion.

  • Ice Cream Paper Cups

    Coated printed disposable paper cups for ice cream and frozen desserts; available in different filling capacities with or without lids.

  • Ice Cream Squeeze Tubes

    Printed tubes for packaging calippo-style ice lollies or frozen popsicles, composed of double-sided PE cardboard.

  • Ice Cream Wrappers

    Printed BOPP pearlized film for packaging ice cream on a stick, ice cream bars, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cones, drumsticks, and other single-serve frozen dessert novelty products.