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Processed Food Packaging > bakery

Innovative packaging for your bakery, pastry, condiment, confectionery, dry food, frozen, meat, poultry, seafood, seasoning and spice products.

  • Corrugated Containers

    A multitude of options of practical and recyclable regular and half slotted corrugated containers used to transport a wide range of consumer products.

  • Corrugated Counter Stand Displays

    Customized in various structures, our counter stands are designed for convenient display in supermarket and retailer countertops.

  • Corrugated Floor Stand Displays

    Eye-catching and free-standing displays, with shelves, frames or hangers are designed to promote and differentiate your product in retail stores and supermarkets.

  • Corrugated Hanging Display Boxes

    Ideal for small place advertising, our hanging display boxes are paired with our power wing display clips.

  • Corrugated Industrial Trays

    Customized industrial trays are optimized for pallet stacking, and they meet various supply chain demands whether commercial or logistical.

  • Corrugated Multi Functional Carriers

    Designed to satisfy your specific needs and to provide functional and customized carry solutions to a variety of product types and dimensions.

  • Corrugated Promotional Boxes

    Ideal to help your product stand out on the shelves, promotional boxes are made from micro-flutes to provide extra stiffness advantage over solid boards.

  • Corrugated Shelf Ready Packaging

    Delivered in a ready-to-sell merchandising unit, these display boxes reduce shelf replenishment time and optimize stock and shelf space management.

  • Paper Bread Bags

    Baguette paper bags with or without a window.

  • Parchment Papers

    Greaseproof sulphate paper sheets used for bakeries in standard sizes. 

  • Wicket Bread Bags

    PE & CPP wicketed bags with moisture barrier for packing soft bread.